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Mr J Flanagan

My Wife and I bought our first house in 1991, in all honesty we had no idea if the financial choices we were making were correct, we continued in this state of ignorant bliss, the norm for us was and most young couples was surviving hand to mouth, the word savings just did not happen. Fast forward a couple of years and we were introduced to Simon, he was taking over from another financial advisor we had used, immediately he understood our situation, his advice at this stage was to think smarter about finances and also consider the longer term, at this stage the impact on my wallet was minimal. As my career grew, the advice given ensured that I considered not just the quick wins in life but to consider the future. Two children later we decided to move home, the product and the advice given was life changing, it enabled flexibility to meet our expectations. Our financial future has been enhanced by our relationship with Simon, I have recommended him to friends and more importantly to our own son as he starts his own journey. Our own retirement plans are now in full focus, we are confident that we have a way forward and by continuing to utilise the advice of Simon we will have considered everything financially important.

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