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Retirement Plans Hungerford FInancial Service

Thinking of retiring?

Things to consider when as you approach your golden years:

1. What will you do with your time? Everyone’s dream retirement will look different depending on your lifestyle, hobbies, interests, etc. Consider what activities you might want to do during your retirement years, understand how much they are likely to cost and start planning for them now.
2. How will you stay healthy? Age catches up with everybody at some point, and it is something that can impact anyone’s retirement dreams. Keeping your body and mind healthy is key to enjoying your retirement years. Without physical health, all the financial planning in the world will not help you enjoy your dream retirement.
3. How will you receive your income? Pension legislation is forever changing, and so is the various methods of receiving income in retirement. There are several ways of receiving income, such as any private pension plans, occupational pension plans, the state pension, and investments. If you are not absolutely sure on the best options for yourself, it could be worth sitting down with an adviser just to give a clearer picture on your finances.

Considering these important aspects of retirement, it is important to have a clear idea of how much money you’ll need to have built up to live your desired lifestyle. Retirement can be a wonderful time in your life, but it’s important to be prepared. Start thinking about these things now so that you can enjoy the retirement you want to live.

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