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OMNIS Investment Webinar February 2023

Omnis Investment Update February 2023

Do you want to access to something exclusive? Well, if you areone of our clients, you are invested in a portfolio with Omnis’ funds, only available through The Openwork Partnership, which we are part of.

On 1st February at 5.30pm you will be able to talk directly to the Chief Investment Officer and Chief Investment Strategist at Omnis. They will run through what’s going on in the market, how they manage your investments and which part of the market they think will perform well in 2023. You can ask questions or just listen to other people’s questions if you wish.

It’s booked for 5.30pm so not affecting the working day, but if the time or date doesn’t work for you, please register and you can then catch on when the time suits you better.

To register, please click here and enter your details.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

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