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Meet the team Sue Jukes

Meet the Team - Sue Jukes

In the third of our meet-the-team posts, we get up close and personal with Sue Jukes, our Head of Compliance & Company Director.

Sue and Simon have worked together since 2007 building Harridge Financial Services from quite a small practice to the professional, somewhat larger business in front of you today. With a wealth of financial services experience behind her, Sue has worked incredibly hard to attain and keep the right talent in the business. Sue vets all candidates thoroughly to spot the right candidate for the company. Sue oversees all aspects of compliance in the business, ensuring that everyone meets the minimum quality standards of the company.

We asked Sue a few questions about her personal life, so we could get to know her better.

If you could have any character from a TV show or movie be your best friend, who would you choose and why?

Lee Mack is so quick-witted, I do love people who make me laugh.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?

I would make all of the bad things in the world disappear.

Last 3 things you ordered online?

Sainsburys shopping, Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle for my daughter, Jeans.

Somewhere you want to travel in the future?

I want to go on a safari in Africa.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had, and where did you have it?

Marcus at the Berkeley

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